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... SEX, DRUGS, AND ROCK 'N' ROLLSimpleBoommer -  Our Legacy

OK, we have your attention.  Seriously, some will blame Boomers for all the woes in today's world. How much of today's economic environment or the moral decay decried by many can be attributed specifically to Boomers is a subject of wide discussion. There were positives and negatives.

Our generation took to the streets in protest and changed the direction of the Vietnam War and civil rights. We were at the forefront of women's lib and oversaw the growth of the internet. Our music embraced earlier styles then evolved to be unlike anything before, and shaped that to come. We also brought drug use mainstream. Today, we hold much of the wealth that drives the economy.

We changed the world with our youthful exuberance, but then we got involved in real life. Some of the freedoms we expect have turned against us -- and there comes a point when the societal good must prevail. As our nests become empty, we can regain that exuberance to bring on a new revolution and return to a reasonable society.

  • Turn the "me" generation into the "we" generation - work to improve the wellbeing not just of ourselves but of our children, parents, and community.
  • Organize beyond political boundaries - read, listen, ask questions to identify the root principles that will maintain a reasonable society.
  • Organize beyond religious differences -- look at history and look over your shoulder. More blood is shed over religious values than any other.
  • Organize beyond cultural differences - most cultures have a value similar to our "golden rule."  Most people are basically good and simply want to be happy and their families secure.
  • Protect the environment - our world is beautiful and fragile, support efforts to preserve its grandeur.

Regardless of what you believe, DO SOMETHING!

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